A Letter to my Children

Dear Child, as yet unborn;

I just want you to know that I love you.

You aren’t yet, but I love you.

When I fight the laws to allow me to marry your other daddy, so that we can be recognised as a real family, it is because I know that that’s what you deserve. I want you to have what you deserve, because I love you.

When I sit on waiting lists and allow strangers into my life, and I bare everything to the law so that they can be convinced that I am an appropriate daddy for you, I know that when I see you for the first time, it will all be worth it. I will hold you in my arms and I will love you.

When I fight through the bureaucracy with your other daddy and my friend to make sure that her baby will be ours, that you will have two daddies and a mummy who want you and who worked for you and who made sure that you were a legal and legitimate child, of mine and of his and of hers, it is because you are wanted. It is because we will give you the best life that you can have. It is because we all love you.

When you come to me wondering why you have two daddies, and your friends have only one, I will tell you the truth. It is because you have two daddies who think that you are wonderful, and no matter what, we love you.

When you hide in your bedroom, crying, because some little turd at school has teased you for being the child of ‘faggots’ or ‘queers’, I will come, and I will find you, and I will hold you because I love you more than their hatred, and I love your daddy more than their hatred, and we, together, love you more than anything in the world.

And when the last moment of my life comes, I pray that you will be there. I will hold your hand and I will smile, because you are the person that I always dreamed that you would be. You are my child, whether any of us know it yet or not.

And no. Matter. What.

I love you.

– Dad

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Written by David

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  1. Ella says:

    This is a really, really lovely tribute especially in the face of all the bullshit the two of you will have to go through to give all this love to your child.

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